Sarah, Surrey 
Dave, thank you so much for today you have really supported us and made things feel at ease already… your amazing at what you do and I just wanted to reach out and let you know that your job makes a difference and changes people’s lives, what an inspiration you are…

Thanks again and will see you tomorrow.

Amelia, Leeds 


Dear Dave , it was wonderful to speak to somebody who could empathise and sympathise with my situation, given that my husband could not / would not deal with it.  You gave me the confidence to do what I thought was right instead of trying to juggle everybody’s emotions / fears / agendas, which is what I had been doing, and getting nowhere except making a bad situation worse !!!  That communication I had with you proved to be really invaluable and I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to talk to me all that time ago.

It is a tough job that you do but I know you have made a huge difference to peoples lives, mine included.  Thanks again for being there when I needed to speak to somebody.  I just didn’t want you to think that just because you hadn’t heard from me, your advice didn’t matter.

Take care and thanks again


Natalie, Peterborough

“I just wanted to thank Dave for his invaluable help over the last few weeks with my brother. He had really hit rock bottom but still was running from it and, as a family, we were fearing the worst. At many points over the last 2 years we had all tried in our own ways to get him to get help but failed. We have medical professionals and social workers in our family but this was still way over our heads. A recommendation to Dave has really changed all that. His calmness and knowledge has been invaluable and we all agree that without him we would have failed again. With Dave’s expert help my brother readily agreed to get immediate help and it was done in a gentle, loving way that was, thankfully, minimally traumatic. Dave is a true gem and we will be forever grateful
for his help. N.”


Patsy, London

Dave, I just wanted to say a heartfelt and sincere thank you. You are truly a gifted enabler and have taught us so much in the past 48 hours. We have been very blessed by finding you and I thank you sincerely for helping us help Andrew. I know our commitment to Andrew’s recovery is lifelong, which through your support and guidance I believe we will succeed with him. Thank you again.

Nina, from Zurich

Hi Dave
On behalf of our family, I’m emailing as I have been the person in contact with you, we wanted to express our sincere gratitude for the incredible support you have given us over the last week and in particular the last two days.
Many thanks Nina


Katie, Brighton

Dear Dave.

Just to let you know, Thomas went into detox this morning, and is just waiting to see a doctor. He said you made a lot of sense last night and made him feel better about himself. Thank you so much for your time, support and advice last night, it  helped us all so much.  His family are here to support him but so clueless – need professionals like you to give us a calm guiding arm.

Best wishes Katie

Amanda from Newcastle
Dave came into our lives through a complete cry for help.  From our first point of contact it was apparent that he is an expert in this area. But, more importantly for us, he was also very supportive and so easy to communicate with.  His empathy and listening skills were like therapy for some of our family and he always had time to correspond with us in any way – phone, text, email, etc. This was before he travelled many hundreds of miles to assist us with an Intervention.
We had been sceptical about how some of our family would deal with something as emotionally challenging as an Intervention.  Dave managed to convince everyone to be involved.  He has a wonderful ability to bring calm to situations that are extremely difficult for all family members.  He has an ability to engage others and warmth of character that made all of us comfortable in his company.On the day of the Intervention, Dave again brought his skills into play.  He was calm and caring to all family members but managed to completely control the confrontation and engage with the alcoholic who we were trying to help resulting in my brother agreeing to go into rehab.  He maintained this calm and controlled attitude throughout our journey to rehab and was reassuring throughout a very traumatic trip.As a family, we would not have been able to convince my brother into rehab without Dave’s assistance.  I could not recommend him highly enough.
Gina from London
Dear Dave
Thank you so much for all help and efforts last Friday. We really appreciated your sensitivity and experience!
My mum admitted into rehab on Saturday afternoon, after a pretty smooth Saturday morning.
Thank you so much for your mediation. We are not in the habit of gathering together at all, circumstances and behavioural difficulties tend to drive families apart, so it was brilliant to have you guide us through something so intense and potentially difficult. I’m convinced that it was a really profound day for all our family and its satellite members, and a turning point for all our futures. What an amazing function you play! What a great way to create value with your life. Thank on behalf of all of us.
Warm wishes

Dave provided my family with the support and guidance required to get my son into treatment. It was not an easy journey for us but his knowledge and experience regarding addiction treatment helped us come to terms with the damage that had been done and gave us hope for the future

Simon from Kent


Best decision my family ever made was to ask Dave Mulvaney to intervene on my Mother. If we had not challenged her drinking I am sure she would have injured herself or worse. The intervention process let her know that we cared and that she needed to stop drinking.

Sarah from Fulham