Corporate Interventions


Dave Mulvaney  also offers a corporate intervention service.  Employers can often feel helpless and frustrated as they watch a  valuable and productive employee deteriorate through Alcoholism or addiction.

It is not uncommon for valued members of your team to fall under the influence of addiction. Addiction can spoil a colleague’s ability to carry out important job tasks and lead to absenteeism and poor productivity. Addiction can lead to work-related accidents putting other staff at risk.

You may struggle to replace this person and you would probably be upset to see him or her go. It’s difficult to challenge a colleague on this issue and an attempt to do so may result in stale-mate.

A corporate addiction intervention could be the solution you seek. During intervention all interested parties take part in a planned intervention session. The employee concerned is confronted with your concerns in a controlled and sympathetic environment. The aim of intervention ensures the addict comes to terms and faces up to his or her addiction.