Recovery doesn’t end when someone enters addiction  rehab or other treatment. Any and all addictions take a long time to recover from and this is an ongoing process which  I want to be involved with for long after I’ve  found my  clients the right addiction treatment programme.

It has been proven time and time again that those on the road to recovery with a long term aftercare plan and ongoing support are much more likely to stay healthy and addiction free than those who are without any aftercare.

That is why I  extend my  professional support and expertise to all my  clients and their families, to make sure that the changes clients make in their lives are truly lasting.

My  individually tailored aftercare services include:

Regular checkups and care calls with clients to assess progress.
Discussions with the family and friends of clients to ensure that they are kept in the picture about their loved one’s recovery.
Advice and recommendations including coping strategies and other mechanisms that can help clients live their lives addiction free.

My Aftercare services can greatly benefit the participating individual as well as their loved ones and others in their support network. Get started today by calling me directly.