Family Interventions

Family members are often the ones who first contact an interventionist to initiate the event. Since they see the addict on a day-to-day basis, they are very familiar with the damage the addiction is wreaking on that person’s life. Family interventions are often held at the family home as it’s beneficial for the addict to feel comfortable during the process. Families may also choose to hold their intervention in a neutral location, such as an unused office space, church or healthcare center. Discuss possibilities with your interventionist to determine the best location .

There are various models for intervention; however, team members commonly read letters aloud that they have written to the addict, detailing how the addict’s behavior has hurt them. These letters are written beforehand, with the help of the interventionist, and may be revised based on feedback from the entire team. It’s important to stress that the intervention is happening because all team members love and support the addict, and want to see them live a by a professional, this family were able to set aside their own anger, reservations and fears in order to achieve the common goal of getting their loved one into treatment and beginning the processes of family as well as individual recovery.