VIP Interventions

If  you have a loved one suffering from addiction who is in the in the public eye or holds a high profile position in their work; such as a  Politician, celebrity  or a CEO of a large organisation. Perhaps their ability  to engage in treatment is hindered by their fear of being exposed and their reputation ruined. Maybe  they feel too ashamed to admit their problem as it doesn’t fit with the image they are trying to present to others. If you have a loved one that has these reservations, the first thing to remember is that anyone can be affected by addiction. From the outside they may hold a celebrity or high profile and enjoy all the trappings of success this  has no bearing on their vulnerability to become addicted. Addiction is a serious illness; postponing treatment can have serious  consequences. By allowing your loved ones pride or fear to dictate their ability to recover, you are in fact enabling their addiction to become ever stronger and more powerful. It is important to view your loved ones predicament from an objective point of view in order that you can be of help to them. The reality is, that if your loved one is suffering from addiction , they may well lose everything that they feel is of value and put their life at risk by not seeking help. On reflection, surely this reason is enough to take matter in to your own hands.


The fact that your loved one holds a high profile position or status should not put you off from considering an intervention or treatment programme . Dave Mulvaney  offers a  confidential and professional service, and will ensure every possible means is taken to safeguard your loved one from having their need for treatment exposed. From the very first contact that you have with Dave , all details will be treated with the strictest of confidence and respect. Dave  has helped many high profile individuals find recovery during his career as an  addiction specialist and Interventionist. He understands the need for client confidentiality and discretion; he will only work with rehab clinics and professionals that can provide the same level of discretion that a high profile client would expect